“We want to thank Ramo Carriers for doing a GREAT JOB! Here is what they did to help us:

In March of 2012, Ramo Carriers in Texas assisted me in the coordination of over 50 truckloads from 9 different locations. They not only provided the vehicles for these movements but also gave valuable feedback that guaranteed the successful accomplishment of our project, in such a narrow window of time allowed. I recommend calling Ramo Carriers Inc. first to see how they can help you.

Thanks for helping us! We truly appreciate it.”

~Phillip Wilson

“Ramo Carriers Inc. performs excellently! Here is how they helped us:

Our Truck developed a power steering cooler leak, and Ramo Carriers Inc. was very helpful with getting us back on the road at a reasonable cost! They even took our drivers to and from a motel. THANK YOU!
Thanks for helping us! We truly appreciate it.”

~Bob Weisberg